BSOD Strikes No One!

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Well, Im quite sure some of you heard of this and some of you posted a picture about it but hey, I decide that this is very funny and deserve its own thread.

It's about BSOD in the Beijing Olympic Ceremony.

Do read the article from this 2 websites.

Website A

Website B

Seriously, I can't stop laughing and its funny to read that Win XP is the official Olympic OS whereas Vista is not chosen even though MS start promoting their Mojave commercial stating something like they finally got it fix.


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    I'm currently living in Berlin. There a lot of the underground trains have TVs with a programme running especially made for them. It's called "Berlin WIndow", shows VIP news, tabloid news, news about economics and political affairs.

    It is spread over two monitors, text on the left, and an accompanying picture on the right.

    Sometimes (and I don't have a photo right now) you can see that it is run by Windows (95, 98 or 2000 maybe), because you can see an error message on one side, and the normal programme on the other side. I don't know if it's system wide (all trains) or just the one train I'm currently sitting in.

    Here in this strange video you can see the set up, but no error message.
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    hmm, yeah. Anyway, its still very funny, cuz that must be the biggest BSOD in history. I can't imagine how high the probability for Vista to crash if it was used instead to XP.
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