Old iMac G3, use it as a jukebox?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have an old iMac G3 233mhz and would like to use it as a jukebox, for that to happen I shall need to upgrade the ram to 512mb (which i believe is the maximum mine would support) and install tiger onto it whilst also upgrading it to a larger hard drive, I know tiger isn't meant to be installed on a machine that old but I know it can be done, is this feasible or am i chasing a hopeless dream?


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    Very feasible... I can't say how Tiger runs, but I ran 10.3 on that same machine... iTunes worked just fine. (with audio... not with video.) I also had a 120GB HD in it ... IIRC you'll want to make sure it has the latest firmware update prior to putting in a big drive. There was also a catch if you wish to partition the drive... but only comes into play with multiple partitions.
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    go 2 the apple store and it will b fixed
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