Mythical Shortcut in Cocoa Applications

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Recently, I have discovered a quite strange shortcut ? first in Safari then in any cocoa apps. If you select some text in browser url bar and press Cntrl+L then the text will be shortly highlighted. It looks very similar to the keyword highlighting during search trough web pages. Take a look on short screencast and you will get what I mean ? on my blog (in russian) or youtube.

Such yellow few seconds highlighting happens also in Google search bar of Safari, in TextEdit and so on. Interesting is that the Control+L shortcut disapear in Safari 4.0 Preview.

I have no idea what is the reason to use this shortcut. Is it programmers error? Easter egg?

P.S. Sorry for my poor English


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    bclapperbclapper Posts: 237member
    Mythical? Hardly

    Spammy? Possibly
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    yamayama Posts: 427member
    It's part of the Emacs shortcuts. Works in most Cocoa apps where text is editable, as you point out

    Here's the full list:

    Ctrl+A go to start of line

    Ctrl+E go to end of line

    Crtl+P go to previous line

    Ctrl+N go to next line

    Ctrl+B go back one character

    Ctrl+F go forward one character

    Ctrl+D delete the character to the right

    Ctrl+H delete the character to the left

    Ctrl+K delete whole line

    Ctrl+V scroll down

    Ctrl+L scroll to center the current line

    Ctrl+O insert line break

    Ctrl+T swaps letters
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    vitolvitol Posts: 2member
    Bclapper, it is not a spam. I just want to know what this shortcut does.

    Thank you, yama, for your answer. But why it highlights the text? For what? Btw, for me control+L doesn't scroll to center the line in TextEdit.
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