I can´t receive calls while I'm surfing or receiving mail

in iPhone edited January 2014

I´m in Spain, I'm usually work in an area with only 2G coverage.

In my iPhone 3G when I'm in a network 2g, I can´t receive calls while I'm surfing or consulting mail. in this case skips the voicemail.

But, when surfing or transmit data with Nokia E90 or E65 (EDGE or GPRS in the same zone) the Internet connection was interrupted during the voice call and then re-established after.

This is a problem for those who work in areas with coverage 2G.

Is a limitation of iphone?

Any suggestions?


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    It's the way it's designed to work.

    It'd be nice if they could arrange for a preferences setting where you could set if you wanted a phone call to interrupt internet access or not.
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    That would be fantastic

    It would be a good suggestion for apple.

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