OpenProj Project Manager

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Has anyone used OpenProj, an open source project management solution designed to compete with Microsoft's offering?

I'm looking for an easy solution to co-ordinate a 2009 community event with other members of the Executive Committee.

I came across OpenProj and the fact that it's free and available for Mac, Windows and Linux seems like it would be a good pick.

I understand that it's coded in Java, so the interface is probably not up to Mac standards and it will be fairly slow on older machines. What worries me more is that I can't find a Mac screenshot image, and Version Tracker seems not to have even heard of the program.

I know Merlin is probably the Mac leader of the pack here, with OmniPlan running second (because of its less professional interface.) But both of those are $150 and up, and PC users on the committee will get locked out of the fun.

I'm also considering BaseCamp, but that one costs real money too.

Before I plunk out any cash, I'd prefer to hear whether this OpenProj is usable on the Mac.
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