iPhone Alerts/WiFi/Location Services

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Hi -

I am kind of new here - I do lots of reading but not really an posting.

I got an iPhone 3G about a month ago and I have a couple of things that bug me about it. I am not sure if there is a way to get around them.
  • Alerts - Something that really bugs me about this phone is the alert system in it. Say I have my phone plugged into my charger and I walk away from my desk and someone calls or texts me while I am away. On every other phone I have ever had it would vibrate/beep every 2 minutes to let you know you missed something while you where away. The iPhone in this situation though does nothing, is there away around this? An app maybe? Maybe a setting I am missing?

  • My second problem is the location services whenever I am using Maps. Lets say that I am using maps I hit the little button in the lower left to tell the phone to find my current location it does so great. But for some reason it will continue to following me forever - I toggle the button on and off and it still continues to keep track of where I am. So to remedy this I just go into my settings and turn off my location services. Is this the way that the Location Service is supposed to work? Or am I just missing something?

  • Last thing that I am wondering is say I go to a restaurant or coffee house and I connect to their wifi but I find out that it is extremely slow. Is there away to disconnect from that network with out shutting off the whole wifi function?

Thanks for your help in advance on these issues
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