AppleTV Sync - Delete on Mac but don't want deleted on AppleTV

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Hi guys,

I just got Apple TV in Australia, loving it!

2 questions:

1) I synced no problem to my MacbookPro, but soon realised that the sync works both ways. i.e. Movies bought on my computer get sent to my AppleTV and movies bought on my AppleTV get sent to my Mac. The problem with this is that i am running out of space on my Macbook Pro. So i turned off Sync for movies.


But then i deleted a movie in my itunes library on my mac to free up space, also thinking it would still be on my apple tV, but next time i turned on the Apple TV the movie was gone.

Am i doing something wrong? Basically I want to buy movies on AppleTV and only have selected movies copied to my MacbookPro. I can't seem to figure it out. It looks like the second i buy a movies it instantly sends it to my Macbook Pro which i really hate because of the space issues.

Anyone know what im doing wrong?

2) Does apple release a comprehensive list on new releases on Itunes? It's really annoying having to scour itunes for the new movies, i just want a list.



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    I have a solution that may or may not be what you need:

    I Handbrake movies on my Macbook and sync them to my Apple TV, but i dont want those movies taking up space on my Macbook, only on my Apple TV.

    So, after syncing the movie over to the Apple TV I open up the folder where iTunes stores those movies. (User -> Music -> iTunes -> Music -> Movies)

    I then delete the movie file that has just been synced.

    When I go to the movies tab in iTunes and click on the title of the movie i just deleted, I get the ! symbol next to the movie, since it cannot be played.

    However, when I sync new items to my Apple TV the movie file is still on the Apple TV as long as the title of the movie (along with the ! symbol) remains in my iTunes Movie tab.

    It seems as long as iTunes has a link to the data it once had on the macbook it has no reason for deleting it off of the Apple TV.

    Hope this helps.
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    I've had the exact same problem, and applied the fix as suggested. It worked except for one enormous problem: I recently upgraded the AppleTV firmware and it deleted all the content (dozens of movies). Apple says this is no big deal, because they will all "reappear" next time you sync. The only problem is, I've deleted the synced version from my laptop. Now it appears I'm SOL.

    Does Apple have an answer to the fact that their firmware upgrade just cost me hundreds of dollars in lost movies...?!
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