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Help!! I recently deleted my entire itunes library (because my computer kept telling me I didn't have enough memory to keep it all. I did keep the music on my Ipod and switched my Ipod to "manually manage music" so that I wouldn't lose the songs when I connected my Ipod. Now, I have added different songs to itunes library and would like to add those to my Ipod as well. I thought I should be able to do this by keeping my Ipod on "manually manage music" but when I try and sync my Ipod it gives me this message: "Are you sure you want to sync the Ipod? All existing content on the Ipod will be removed and replaced with songs from your existing itunes library" What do I do? Do I just ignore this and press ok anyway or will I really lose it all even if I am set to manually manage music? Thanks for any help...I am really quite a novice with the Ipod/itunes (as you may be able to tell with my question
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