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I plan on buying an iPod after the (unconfirmed) updates this September, and I plan on using my mom's iTunes account, as I have already purchased music under her name. However, I would like to know if the iPod I will buy will be registered under her name if I link it with her account. I would much rather have the iPod itself under my name.

The question is: Can I register the iPod under my name, but under her account?

If not:

I do have my own credit card now, and if I change the name on the billing address, will it change the iPod register-er's name?


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    Go ahead and register it under your name. You can even name it anything you want and sync it to any iTunes library you choose. Even your mothers. You mothers iTunes Store account can be tied to your library or you can sync the iPod to her library. Either way it doesn't mater. Though I don't think either option will be a lasting one.
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