iPhone Software 2.1 to stifle open source copy-and-paste effort



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    Originally Posted by Amorya View Post

    Here's how it should work:

    OpenClip is an application. Apps that want to support it need to do a couple of things.

    When an app that supports OpenClip is first launched, it registers itself with the OpenClip app. It does this through URL protocols, which are the supported method of inter-app communication on the iPhone. When it registers itself, it just passes its name and its own URL protocol. This step is required so that OpenClip can call your app later.

    When you copy something, it is sent to the clipboard via a URL protocol. OpenClip briefly launches, but doesn't present a GUI -- it then just quits again. It'll take a second or two, but it could be optimised. The original app does not quit -- it overrides the quit notification. You're killed after 20 seconds if you do this, but the operation will take less than 20 seconds.

    When you want to paste, a similar thing happens, you call OpenClip via a URL protocol, and it immediately calls you back via the protocol you registered with it before. Your app then handles this URL, which contains the clipboard data, and pastes it as normal.

    Starting the OpenClip app directly presents you with the last few items copied. You can then click a Paste button, then select an application from the list (of registered apps), and it sends the clipboard data to that app.

    Screw OpenClip, Here is how it sould work across the board.
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    Hey all! I'm the developer of OpenClip and I just wanted to pipe in here and clarify a few things.

    @TenoBell I definitely agree that Apple should close this security hole. It is very gaping and is a pretty silly problem to have in the first place. I suggested to apple in bug# 6156881 that they leave a Public folder in the sandbox that has nothing in it by default. Apps can write to this folder if they so desire and whatever they write is accessible by other Applications. OpenClip still works and apps can freely exchange information if they so desire. This would work well for something like a pro app importing data from a free version too.

    @Ringo That's not quite true. I started working on OpenClip at iPhoneDevCamp2 when 2.1b4 wasn't out. I received best student entry prize . I don't think for one second that Apple removed this capability in response (it got very little press). I'm just bringing this up to illustrate to you that 95% of the work on OpenClip was done before I had the slightest idea this would break...

    2.1 will probably be out by the end of September (maybe even sooner...), but I don't really see much harm in continuing to try to get this stuff into the app store. Watch for applications in the next week or so with OpenClip. These apps will continue to have OpenClip after 2.1 comes out because OpenClip will still serve as a way for those applications to have in-app copy paste. But until then, they get a few cool features.

    If all the media attention can bring any pressure to Apple to implement something like NSPasteboard or maybe something even better, then I feel it will have been worth it.

    Also, I'd like to point out that I had nothing to do with Proximi's interface specifications and stuff. They just met me at iPhone Dev Camp and wanted to help me get this out there. They aren't paying me or anything, but they helped with the website.

    I obviously couldn't respond to all of you, but feel free to email me at zac[[email protected]]openclip[dot]org.
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