Macbook Pro to HDTV Question

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My friend recently took my Shoot 'Em Up Blu-Ray disc that I got as a gift and used a computer program to rip it to my Macbook Pro in the hopes that we could somehow play it on our HDTV because we don't have a BluRay player. Is there someway to use the DVI port to play the movie on the TV in HD? Do I need a DVI to HDMI cable? Would that work? Also, did my friend even need to rip the movie or can I just put the disc in my notebook drive and play it with the cable attached?

Thanks in advance.


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    Yes, a DVI > HDMI cable would work, if your TV supports the high resolution.

    And no, your MBP will not play the Blu-Ray, cause it has only a DVD/CD drive.

    How did he manage to rip the DVD to your MBP?

    As far as I know, Mac OS X doesn't support Blu-Ray yet, but there are always ways, aren't there?
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    aiolosaiolos Posts: 228member
    That's good news about the cable, gonna go and try to find a cheap one.

    To answer your question, he ripped it on his desktop computer (lucky guy has an aftermarket bluray drive, curse you pc's!), but gave me the data file because it's obviously not very easy from him to drag his desktop all the way to the living room every time we wanna watch an HD movie
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