23" ACD Flickering

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Hey Guys

I have a 23" ACD which has got 2 weeks of AppleCare remaining but for some time I have noticed it intermittently flickers (but not the whole screen).

It's wierd in that for example, the mini store on iTunes will flicker (but not the rest), but then if I turn either the monitor or my PC off for a while, then turn it back on, it won't flicker, but something else might (like a block of colour on a website).

I phoned AppleCare and they were pretty unhelpful and just suggested I take it to an Apple Store but does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this?



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    I have the same problem, and have for a while. I've still got 2 years on Applecare, so I was hoping to wait until the new monitors came out for a replacement. But it seems that's never going to happen. So I may just have it replaced soon and then sell it new and upgrade to a 30" or a Dell or Eizo.

    Not sure what causes it. Are you by chance plugged into a UPS?
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,538moderator
    If there is a brightness setting, try turning it up to maximum if it isn't there already.
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    My 23 doesn't have flickering, but from a couple of months ago it developed dark areas stretching across the screen, one of which is very easy to see in the lower left. It's like one light has gone out.

    Hope Apple comes out with either an adapter for the new screens they released or new ACDs in January. I bought a new MacPro this year and amusing a 3-year-old monitor with it. \ The price point is fine and I would love to have all of the same features the new one has: speakers, iSight, LEDs and thin.
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