iPhone Bluetooth and Audio Out Issues

in iPhone edited January 2014
So I've had my phone a week. Overall it's everything I hoped for. That said, I have had two issues:

1. Bluetooth handsfree is suffering from the reported "echo' bug, as well as garbled reception (both ends) at times. It's hooked to a factory Toyota Camry system. It also seems when I get a call and answer it with the button my my steering wheel, I have to press "handsfree" on the phone to hear it.

2. Audio out (headphone jack) is buggy. The first time I got some kind of whiny interference/noise. That got better, but today I tried listening to a track purchased from iTunes, and it was garbled. Connections were tight...so I'm not sure what the deal is.

Those are the only major issues I've seen, other than some Contacts lag and a few restarts after installing a bunch of apps. Thoughts?
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