iCal's ugly publishing page and other calendar talk

in Mac Software edited January 2014
ok so I was looking for a calendar that I could publish and let customers view for available time slots. I love iCal but why are the graphics for the published pages so ugly? They looking nothing like the nice UI in iCal or mobileme. iCal and MobileMe look the same so why not the published page? There are basically ZERO customization settings. eg. I only want to display from noon but the online published page shows a long vertical day that for me is totally a waste or real estate. Why are all the events blue?

Anyway so I like Google calendar but it's got so much Google text, banners etc.

If only iCal could publish with the same UI that iCal or MobileMe iCal displays.

Btw, I'm finding it hard to believe that there are no online calendars available where I can have people add events to my calendar. So if clients want to book an event in an empty slot they can go ahead and I get notified my mail and phone of the new event.

Does anything like this exist?

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