2008 NFL Season Thread

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Well someone did suggest! Never did see a full game, but caught 10 minutes here and there plus replays.

Houston Texans vs Pittsburg Steelers
: Hometown Texans stunk it up as usual as the Steelers did whatever they wanted. If the Texans are indeed "middle of the pack" than the Steelers are definite SB contenders. Only player to show up for Houston was Mario Williams, who coincidentally has been ravaged by Houston fans in his first 1.5 years as a pro for not being hometown hero Vince Young. Like many Texan teams before, the team, the organization, has no heart with a glass jaw. All it takes is one bad thing to happen and everything is downhill, and the Scarecrow from within Texan coaches and players show up. Horrible day.

Dallas Cowboys vs Cleveland Browns
: The Browns stunk it up except for maybe one drive and may show 2007 was a fluke. Dallas did pretty much what they wanted. I do think Dallas does feel, what do you call it, "feels pressure from being the favorite." When they play a good team in a tight high pressure situation, they'll press and won't perform as well. Not sure if they've learned from last, but they have enormous pressure on them, and I don't know if they are capable playing within themselves. I predict a long season for the Browns as the Steelers look good and Ravens have improved, while they also have play Indy, Jacksonville and Tennessee.

Chicago Bears vs Indianapolis Colts
: Kyle Orton is the right choice afterall!? I thought he should have kept the job years ago as he lead the Bears to a pretty impressive season, yet was replaced by unproven whathisname. This time, the Bears D manhandle a rusty and aging Colts O, while the Bears O was managed well by Orton. Father time now has his grips on the Colts core, including Manning, and this may be their last year as a dominating team. You simply don't replace such a core group that has driven the Colt success. They'll struggle this year, likely will win the AFC South, but it won't be pretty. Bears can challenge for and will likely win the NFC North if the D holds. Also, Devon Hester may have exhausted his fifteen minutes and could go back to being a regular DB. He's bought into his hype and that kills everybody as they stop playing within themselves and try to play to the hype.

New England Patriots vs Kansas City Chiefs
: Only saw replays. All everyone was saying during newsbreaks or the scroller was Brady was out with a knee or ankle injury, and maybe out a few games or the season, but it was obvious from first replay I saw he was out for the season with possible multiple knee ligament tears. They don't stay intact when the leg bends that way. Patriots will still compete, but it will be a mighty struggle with nailbiters. AFC EAST is completely open. Kansas City will continue to be bad as it appears nothing has changed from last year. A comment about the play. The easy question. Moss fumbled at the end of the play. It appeared he fell down and the ball popped out after he landed on his elbow. I thought the ground couldn't cause a fumble? The controversial question. Was it dirty? Obviously not as I don't think Pollard wanted to break Brady's leg. However, it appears to be a textbook case of breaking the Kimo Clause (the Carson Palmer/Kimo Von Oelhoffen rule). Pollard was on the ground and lunged for Brady's legs. That's classic Kimo Clause rule. So, at minimum a personal foul should have been given and maybe at most, the refs rule the ground couldn't cause a fumble for Moss. The thing I like about Moss is he is a "pure unadulterated speaks his mind kind of guy", no matter how stupid. I can definitely see why he thinks it was dirty as it goes beyond the pale to think a player would be able to hit Brady above the waist from laying on the ground position like Pollard was. However, Pollard probably simply forgot that he couldn't hit a QB below the waist in the heat of the moment. Brady's luck ran out, and likely the Patriots fortune with him.

Philadelphia Eagles vs St. Louis Rams
: For the obligatory Eagles fans. Good to see Donavon McNabb all the way back. He was missed. They could win the NFC East, the best conference in the league. Have to remember they played the Rams though, the second worst team in the league last year. The Cowboys-Eagle mashup next will be interesting.
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