iPhone Apps outage

in iPhone edited January 2014
On Saturday night, I tried the old reboot on my iPhone 3G (2.0.2) to get around a hung App update. Thing is, I was treated to the Shiny Apple of Death and was forced to Restore. After this, I redownloaded any new Apps and App updates that I had missed, but I could not transfer them to iTunes (7.7.1). I could still transfer purchased songs to iTunes, but Applications would not transfer.

I decided to then remove the Applications from iTunes, but then I had to actually physically remove the .ipa files from the Mobile Applications folder. Still nothing.

I decided to remove all of the Applications on the iPhone and download them all. Before attempting to transfer, I tried one of the Applications. It would terminate right after the splash. I tried almost of all of them -- same result. I downloaded a free Application I hadn't used before -- same result. Transfers still didn't work.

So I Restored to the defaults on my iPhone. I started all over. I decided this time to also use a different name for my iPhone. I downloaded Pandora again, wouldn't launch. Transferring Pandora finally worked, though the file on iTunes said it was version 1.0 while I know it's 1.1. I downloaded Units, an Application I have never before downloaded. It wouldn't launch.

I scheduled an appointment with the Genius Bar last night. Once I got up there, I discovered the gentleman ahead of me has the exact same problems. The Genius tells me that I'm the third person to visit that store with that problem on the same day. All three of us have similar stories, and we all took similar drastic courses of action. The Genius looked up a message board (don't know which one) to find several complaining of the same problems over the weekend.

The Genius looked at the crash log to discover something I felt I knew all along -- every Application is crashing when it calls the iTunes server.

Clearly, something has happened with iTunes HQ over the weekend. What isn't known. Could it be a hacker maliciously blocking activation requests? Could it be an botched prestage to the alleged updates to iTunes and iPhone coming today?

If you've had this problem, know that you're not alone. My Genius bundled all three iPhone problems and escalated them to "Engineering." I am expecting a call from Apple at some point today.
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