Please... ENOUGH with the Virgin Media banners

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Do you lot realise that those Virgin Media banners are really taking the p***?

On my poor little MacBook they run my processor up to about 60% and the fan goes onto full whack... Just because of a stupid Flash advert for a service I already own! It's so infuriating I'm considering getting my news from a different Apple website.

I have to scroll my browser so it hides the banner so I can actually read the page without my laptop burning my legs off... Aghhh!!


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,173moderator
    If you use Safari, you can go to preferences > security and disable your plugins. Then refresh the page and the flash banner will be replaced with a more CPU friendly advert. Simply enable plugins again and refresh when you need flash again.

    In Firefox, you get flash blockers.

    The site is ad supported so they won't go away so you have to be the one to prevent them coming to your browser.
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