Free iphone?

in iPhone edited January 2014
Hey everyone. I just thought I would share this with you. I found out how anyone can get a FREE iphone, or if you do not need/want an iphone you can get the cash equivalent!

This is done through a company called Transcendent Innovations. It is 100% legal and legit.

First start by going to this link:

Now just sign up under that link and you will be asked to complete an offer. This is how they can afford to give away the iphone for free. They get paid by advertising to another site which is trying to get your business. Many of the offers are free.

I suggest the offer because it is free, or the blockbuster offer because it is a very reputable company and costs under $10, who knows you may even like the service.

Now the you have completed an offer just get a few friends, family members, etc to complete a referral for you. After they have done this you will receive your iphone in the mail shortly completely FREE! even if you don't want the iphone you have an option to receive up for $580 cash instead!

This is an amazing offer to take advantage of, good luck!
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