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How long is it usually before Apple has refurbished new iPod nano for sale on their website? Also what does everyone think of the ipod shuffle? Is it a good music player?



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    I've had my shuffle for over a year now and I love it. I use it all the time. It's not great for audio books though since you can't see what track you are on. But it does remember the position for the track so that even if you skip forward to listen to music on it you can come back and continue listening to the audiobook or podcast from where you left off.

    The way I set it up is, I put all my podcasts / audio books at the top of the list and all my music after that. Then I can just triple click to come back to the top of the list when I want to listen to a podcast and then skip forward or shuffle to listen to my music. You have to remember to drag and drop podcasts to the shuffle directly though, you can't add them from a playlist.

    I am thinking about getting a new nano just because it would be more handy for audio books. Since an audio book is multiple tracks unlike a podcast, even though the shuffle remembers the position of each track sometimes you can forget which track you are on.
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    It'll probably be at least a couple months before the new nano shows up in the refurb store.
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