Auto-mount a remote OS X volume?

in macOS edited January 2014
How can I automount an OS X volume from another OS X remote client on the same LAN?

I have an OS X box that needs to mount a drive from another OS X box on the same network via TCP/IP.

Both boxes are running OS X 10.1.5 (NOT SERVER). Both boxes have the same admin accounts and passwords. Both are running IP over Ethernet and AppleTalk is active too (don't ask why...)

Basically I am having my OS X FileMaker Pro 5.5 server backup data files to another OS X box once a day. If the database server crashes or needs rebooted, I want the volume it backs up on to be automounted at start up. I don't want to manually mount the remote drive every time I boot it.

Can I do this with scripts? Anyone have an example?

Is NetInfo involved in this? Yikes! :0)

Is this a Keychain task? I never liked the Keychain in OS 9...

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