Weakness of OSX? HFS?

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My big problem with OSX/HFS is with the maximum file size. I dont even do a lot of video editing but I have run into the 2GB ceiling a few times when doing some serious backup.

Is this something tied to the 32-bitness of the OS or file system. Is this something patchable? Or is this a major issue that runs deep and long?

how do video professionals get around that? Is there something Im not doing that can circumvent this?

Thanks y'all


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    Mac OS X doesn't have a 2 GB file size limit. This is from Apple's site:

    The following table provides detailed information on Mac OS Extended Format volume and file limits.

    Mac OS Extended Format: Volume and File Limits

    Maximum number of volumes 21

    Maximum volume size 2 terabytes

    Maximum file size 2 terabytes

    Maximum data fork size 2 terabytes

    Maximum resource fork size 16 megabytes

    Maximum number of files more than 2 billion

    Maximum number of files/folders in a folder 32,767

    This is for OS 9 and OS X. Programs have to be coded to use the extra space. I'm guessing your program is old or hasn't been updated to us the new file APIs.
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    hmmm... that is interesting.

    I ran into the problem when I was creating images for backup (dmg's). Would that be a limitation of a disk image or perhaps the software Im using to make the image?

    thanks for you help
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    applenutapplenut Posts: 5,768member
    iMovie doesn't work if file sizes excee 2GB as well
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    iMovie: Files Split At 1.9 GB (about 9 minutes) When Capturing Clips

    Article ID: 60562

    Created: 10/8/99

    Modified: 7/31/02


    When importing a long video clip using iMovie 1 and iMovie 2, the video will be split into multiple clips in the Shelf. Each clip has a maximum length of about 9 minutes.


    iMovie saves imported video in large, full-quality DV format. Because DV clips contain a lot of data, they can be very large files.

    Earlier versions of Mac OS had a file size limitation of 2 Gigabytes. For compatibility with earlier versions of Mac OS, iMovie does not create files larger than 2 Gigabytes when importing video. If you exceed this limit by capturing a video clip that is very long, iMovie splits the clip, and continues capturing into another clip, and continues doing this until the capture is completed. The maximum length of an individual DV movie clip in this case is limited to approximately 9 minutes.

    To play back multiple clips as a single sequence when editing your movie, drag the clips to the Timeline in the correct order.

    I would hope Apple would correct this in iMovie 3 when it's Mac OS X only and Cocoa (just a guess).
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    Isn't Mac OS X a 64-Bit Operating System?
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    cubedudecubedude Posts: 1,556member
    I don't think so, Master. But I've been wrong before...
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    Mac OS X is a 32-bit OS.
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    smirclesmircle Posts: 1,035member
    Originally posted by Master:

    [quote]Isn't Mac OS X a 64-Bit Operating System?<hr></blockquote>

    No, MacOS (as well as the PPC) is 32Bit. However this does not preclude it from using larger than 32Bit data structures.

    The 2GB file size limit was imposed on HFS which you cannot install X on. HFS+ is not as restricted.
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