mp4's that won't play on Apple TV

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I have some mp4's in my iTunes that play fine. But when I try to sync them to my Apple TV they can't be. And they can't be streamed to it either.

I tried exporting them from QT Pro into the Apple TV format but all I get is a mov of white. It can't seem to export them to m4v.

Does anyone else have this problem? Why is it that they won't seem to play with Apple TV but play fine in my iTunes?

I think they are h264 encoded, but that shouldn't be a problem right?



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    According to their website, .mp4, .m4v and .mov are supported formats. However, sometimes we still encounter MP4 can't be played by Apple TV issue.

    Why Can't play MP4 on Apple TV? It may be due to one of the following reasons:


    • iTunes does not support AC-3 MP4. The Apple TV can't process the AC-3 signal. If no other sound tracks are available, Apple TV will play the movie without audio.

    • Apple TV 2 can't play 5.1 audio.

    • The mp4 videos are downloaded directly from video sharing websites, such as YouTube.

    • Frame Rate is too high


    • In order to solve Apple TV can't play mp4 video issue, we'd better convert MP4 which can't be played well to Apple TV compatible format. Bigasoft Total Video Converter for Mac is a good choice to convert any video to Apple TV supported mp4, m4v or mov format.

    Step by step guide on how you can play unsupported mp4 on Apple TV.

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