New core audio and prologic II receivers

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Hey there!

I just started playing with 6C106. One think I like to do is play my mp3's over my prologic II receiver.

I have a rev A iBook, so no audio/video out except for the headphones out. I used to connect this one to a 2 channel in, and it worked great, but now on 10.2 the prologic encoding is totally screwed up.

It appears that most audio that normally is played through the front speakers is now played through the rear speakers. And my sub is not kicking in.

If I change the balance on my mac the sound is better and the sub starts again. But then I have only the right or left channel

Any of you guys here know what has changed in the new core audio and what may be the problem?!



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    Aaaaargh!!! I have changed back to 10.1 but the weird sound output is still there! :eek:

    I zapped the pram but still the sound output from my iBook is very different than from my cdplayer, and before I tried Jaguar I had no problem...

    Help... me... please...
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    Ok... fixed... Its a known bug. Audio is out of phase on early iBooks and iMacs. Solution is to download 10.1.2 or up....

    I guess that little dirty ugly bug has risen from the dead...

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