iPhone sync problems

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Since yesterday, my iPhone has been having trouble syncing with my computer. Let me start by explaining me setup. We have 3 of the newest iPhones (with all updates) that all use a single iMac (10.5.4 and iTunes 8) for syncing. Each iPhone user has a seperate local account and a seperate iTunes music folder, but media is shared. Each user also has a unique set of contacts and a unique calendar. Users can access a shared folder, their own files, the application folder, and another user's public folder but they are denied acess to other user's files. I set up the trial version of mobile me yesterday, but I canceled it about 3 hours ago.

The three local accounts were Also recently created.

The problem affects only one user/phone. On this user's phone, all calendar events are duplicated even though they are normal in iCal. After trying numerous solutions, I used isync to clear sync history and I restated the computer. I also reset the iPhone. Now that phone endlessly syncs contacts and calendars and the events it does add are duplicated. Another reset also had the endless sync problem.

I have attepted everything that I could think of.

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