Problem syncing certain events from iPhoto to iPhone

in iPhone edited January 2014
I have 25 separate events in iPhoto. However, whenever I sync my iPhone, I only see nine album options to choose from under the Photos tab in iTunes -- including Last 12 Months and Last Import, so really only seven options.

I've had my iPhone for over a year, and this problem has always been present. But it is only now that I want to sync a recent event that this has become a practical concern.

I know I can get around the issue by creating a new folder on my desktop, or wherever, and syncing the photos from there, but that doesn't seem a particularly elegant solution, especially as hard drive space is at a premium right now.

Has anyone else experienced this issue, and is there a solution?

Many thanks in advance.


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    steste Posts: 119member

    Anybody? Does everybody here have full access to every iPhoto event when syncing their phone, with new events appearing in the sync list as they are added? \
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