Is this true - PC iTunes issues?

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A friend sent me this, is any of it true, are there fixes, or work arounds he should know about?



You may be right. iTunes probably DOES run smoother on a mac. On a PC, it's a complete resource hog that will completely freeze up a machine for twenty minutes. iTunes on a PC is like a very old person in the bathroom -- it takes a very long time for even the most basic functions to get underway.

Then the program will go ahead and assume it knows what I want. All I really need to do is sync apps so that all the updates will be in order. But iTunes will go ahead and sync photos and contacts while it's going about things, overwriting custom touches I'd made on the device. iTunes is like an overbearing mother that way, always reminding you that she's the boss and that as long as you live under her roof, she will decide how things are done.

And this particular mother tends to drink a lot, I think. There are times when she does inexplicable things, like completely stripping your device during what should be a routine upgrade (twice this has happened to me) or losing things like album art for no reason you can figure out.

Maybe it's just a lot buggier on a peezee (I like that term) because after all, this is a Stephen Jobs monster, created with FrankenApple parts. That's too bad, because the rancor between iTunes and Windows could drive a lot of us PC guys screaming to Zune just to be free of that behemoth, hard-drinking mother iTunes and all of her baggage.


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    Is this the transcript for a new Seinfeld ad?

    To be honest, I don't understand why people expect Apple to make better software for Windows when Microsoft don't make very good Mac software. I hear Quicktime isn't as good on the Windows side either.

    I doubt they're in a rush to improve the experience of their competing platform. There's a reason to make it usable, not to make it pleasant. I think they've found a good balance.
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    Not in my pc... I haven't experienced anything bad when I run itunes on my pc It workd quite well... Maybe his pc has less Ram or memory in it...
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    Like most PCs I expect it'll be swarming with viruses and spyware and old programs that were installed about 60 years ago and forgotten about.
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    My iBook doesn't have much hard drive space, so I run iTunes on my PC with about 90 gigabytes of stuff (a shocking amount of which is podcasts at this point, but I digress). Anyway, I've never had an issue with iTunes on Windows. The PC is four years old, it's not a fast computer by any stretch, although I keep it running smoothly in general.

    I hear a lot of people complaining about iTunes on Windows. I don't know. Been using it for as long as it's been available, never had a problem.
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    Wooooooow. Remember I mentioned I was going to sync up this weekend? Just before doing so, I noticed that five albums and at last two individual songs were missing from my iTunes playlist (they're still safely on the iPod.) I checked the timing and it's pretty clear that all of the missing stuff was loaded shortly before I upgraded iTunes to version 8 and got the new iPod Touch firmware. That newly loaded stuff, around a half gig worth, seems to have vanished during the upgrade. It doesn't show up in purchased, purchased on download, or in the iTunes library. Just... gone.

    Since the albums and tunes are still on my device, I can't sync up until I find a way to get all the missing stuff reloaded into iTunes. Just the kind of glitch that drives me crazy.
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    Originally Posted by ncee View Post

    A friend sent me this, is any of it true, are there fixes, or work arounds he should know about?


    Your friend is ranting, but some of what he says is partially true. iTunes is definitely a system hog in Windows. Most people won't notice if they have 1GB of RAM, but it has larger a RAM footprint than I think is necessary.

    It also has problems playing video. When I download movie trailers from the iTS, I can't play them in iTunes, but must, instead use Quicktime. If this seems insane, it really is! And for the same reason, I can't rent videos from the iTS (the DRM won't let me play them using Quicktime). I suspect that the specs on my computer are not up to par, but it makes no sense that video freezes iTunes but works as expected in Quicktime.

    iTunes is also prone to freezing when synching. This usually lasts a few seconds, which is a few seconds too long. And all around, the interface is not snappy. I haven't played around with iTunes on the Mac, but I suspect that the interface is much snappier.
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