Two poster designs: comparisons wanted

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Hi. I have these two designs for a poster, and I would like to know what are the best and worst features of each design. (I'm interested in a comparison of individual features, as well as the design as a whole.) Any feedback would be welcome.

Please disregard the fact that the information on each one is slightly different.


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    Second one.
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    My only suggestion would be to keep it white letters on black. The grey background looks washed out, almost like a mistake at the printer.
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    Originally Posted by FloorJack View Post

    Second one.

    Keep the black, but I prefer the style and format of the date in the second (grey) one.
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    Keep the black, use the 2nd layout, lose the clothes.

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    I like the first one better. It looks cleaner and the font is more professional.
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    I hate all those reflections in the top one,stick with the matte.What about museum glass?
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    First one.

    Fonts clearer. It's a tour, so you want to see which cities the show's playing.
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