Mac aficionados - 4 categories

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Using a Mac got me wondering why users embrace it with such passion given that 90% of enterprise are Windows users. I identified four categories of Mac users and how they came in.

The one who has not experienced the pitfalls of Windows belongs to the first category. He is ?Born into Mac? and as a result, his naiveté wards off criticism of Windows. He defends it even. For instance, with childlike curiosity BIM taps the ?Windows? key and is startled by the pop up. In an un-patronizing way, he finds it ?innovative? or at the least strangely different or innocently harbor doubts about the authenticity of Tiger when Vista looks somewhat similar.

The second belongs to the ?Born into Windows? user who stumbles on the history of Jobs and Gates. BIW conducts an independent read of their respective history from the 70s and in the time-line he identifies a trendsetter amongst them. BIW is psychologically affected to say the least but not at all surprised that the innovator brought into the brand a culture, if not a cult, while his counterpart trailed behind. History bowls him over.

The third is the BIW who thinks it is hip and hop to own the little Shuffle or the ITouch. He walks into an Apple outlet only to check out the little puppies and while at it, he looks left and right and sights the amazingly sexualized iMacs with all the attention around them. He heard about those beautiful machines and waltzes over to see what the fuss is all about. Briefed by a demure Mac girl, long held BIW myths are destroyed. Cost and Compatibility. In one sitting the sweet young thing, seemingly armed with information nearly matching Jobs at a launch, proves to BIW that on a power to power comparison, both machines are more or less even and at high-end desktop levels the MacPro for instance, costs even less than its Dell counterpart and on compatibility, BIW is shown that Macs maneuver into any nook and cranny Windows can. The Mac girl bowls him over.

The fourth belongs to a BIW sitting in front of his psychiatrist because viruses crashed his machine once too many. He is suicidal and his psychiatrist, a Mac user himself, prescribes the virus-free Mac. Viruses bowl him over.


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