Iphone call problems with version 2.1 software

in iPhone edited January 2014
I have the Iphone 3G and live in Omaha NE, place with no 3G coverage, so I was sort of insulated from the 3G dropped call issues because of not having 3G in Omaha, that was prior to the (snappy) 2.1 upgrade.

But ever since I upgraded to 2.1 software I have been noticing 2 problems with the call reception on my Iphone using the edge network in our area.

Problem 1) More dropped calls than before.

Problem 2) When I get a call and in order to get it I have to slide the slider across the screen to get it, the slider slides all the way and I can see it on the other end but nothing happens, the phone does not unlock and stays in the same situation with the screen showing the slider having slid all the way but the phone still locked, only way to proceed now is to press sleep wake button and put the phone to sleep again, but losing the call.

Anybody else having similar problems, or has some solution.
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