Setting up WebDAV under OS X client

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If iCal is gonna need a WebDAV server to publish (I wanna drink beer for my 100 .mac-dollars) I need to set one up by myself.

Is there a "this-cant-go-wrong"-guide on how to set up WebDAV on the (Jaguar) client?



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    frawgzfrawgz Posts: 547member
    I was looking for this information myself a few months earlier. Apparently all you have to do is fiddle with some Apache settings, if I remember correctly. Of course, I ended up screwing up my Apache. I fixed it with some help from AI's resident Genius Bar though.
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    I used this guide:

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

    But... My Win2000 box can't seem to connect, so I'm obviously missing something.
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    Just be aware that the current "Personal web sharing" is Apache 1.3.26 and won't allow you to SECURE this webDAV, so you'll be leaving your entire site wide open for anyone to connect to and change whatever they want.

    So, you'll want to

    a) Make sure that 10.2 has a newer version

    b) if it doesn't, make sure you only enable webDAV for a directory you won't mind losing, or have everyone on earth look into.

    c) or, install a newer version of Apache into 10.2.

    (The technical reason is that the &lt;limit&gt; directive doesn't work in Apache 1.3.26, it was added in 1.3.4, and the dav module prefers 1.3.6. That's how far behind we are).
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