Apple lawsuit ? my share!

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Well I just got my paperwork keeping me up-to-date on a Class Action Lawsuit brought on by folks, against Apple / Steve Jobs on the stock price shit.

14 Million dollar settlement:

Lawyers: $8,5350,000 MILLION

Apple Corp - $7,135,000 million (provided by the defendants - Steve and friends)

We get nothing ? oh well, it didn't hurt the share holders anyways ? yeah right!



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    hirohiro Posts: 2,663member
    That's because the case tanked. Apple's insurance company paid the all lawyers because they wouldn't quit until they got paid. And it was cheaper for Apple and the insurance company to end it now rather than drag it out to a point they would win without having to pay plantiff's expenses.
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    Allllll of these class action suits are money grabs by lawyers. They are never never never about the little guy.
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