Recurrent Pancreatic Cancer? You Decide

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Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and undergoing a Whipple procedure, Mr. Jobs looked remarkably well in 2007 and early 2008, only to look much worse 6 months later in June 2008. It could mean only one thing, his cancer may be back.

Jan 2007

Jan 2008

June 2008

September 2008


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    I talked to a panc' doc that's also a mac user (that is he read up on Jobs' cancer). He says Jobs dodged it with his diagnosis. He may not be out of the woods but this isn't the panc' cancer we all know and hate.

    I still remember Landon on the Tonight Show tells us how he's going to beat it. That went well.
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    Your first post used to start a thread which has been beaten to a pulp

    in a zillion articles -- what planet have you been living for the past year?

    No one has yet refuted

    as dispositive about the subject.
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