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Hi all. I need some more memory for my ibook - a gig I am guessing. My computer keeps saying my start up disk is almost full and strange things are happening...emails not getting saved, address book getting deleted. I am assuming this is a memory issue. I do not have many vids or pics, so it's an application thing I am guessing. I already have a hard drive I use - all in all there isn't much stored on this computer. Please advise. Here are the details of my computer:

I only have a 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM in the 1st slot & 256 MB DDR2 SDRAM in the 2nd slot. 2 SLOTS ONLY -

Hardware Overview:

Model NametMacBook

Model IdentifiertMacBook2,1

Processor NametIntel Core 2 Duo

Processor Speedt1.83 GHz

Number Of Processorst1

Total Number Of Corest2

L2 Cache (per processor)t2 MB

Memoryt1.25 GB

Bus Speedt667 MHz

Boot ROM VersiontMB21.00A5.B07

SMC Versiont1.13f3

Serial NumbertW87154G9WGK

Sudden Motion Sensor:



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    Well, a bit more RAM certainly wouldn't hurt, but the problem would seem to be that your hard drive, as the computer is telling you, is full. That also means your computer doesn't have much space for virtual memory, which is also slowing the computer down.

    So what you really need is not more RAM, but a bigger hard drive. What is the size of your current HD, and how much space do you have left? For immediate relief, I'd recommend buying a 4 GB memory stick or something like that and placing some non-critical files (video files you don't watch that often, for example) on it so you can create some hard drive space.

    After that, you need to decide if you want to get an external HD, or replace your internal HD with a larger one.
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