FINALLY OFFICIAL: Macs are better than PCs

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Ah not another of those which is better, which is easier arguments you might say but I had to reveal the results of a little experiment I did at home. For years Apple fan boys and PC fan boys have argued which is the better platform and which is easier to use. Both sides are dedicated to their causes and have years of experience in using their platforms so finding an impartial group that has never used either is hard in this world of technology.

What better way to decide than to give a set of 5yr old triplets a month to use each and give their verdicts. All three of my boys had personal logins with passwords created on my Mac running Leopard and my wifes PC running Vista. I told the boys that I would get them their own computer to share if they told me which they would prefer. Two clearly stated that Macs are better and easier to use. One of those two boys also said that they look much nicer too. The final boy was unsure but finally said he preferred the PC running Vista. He wasn't a fan of the dock at the bottom of the screen on the mac but other than that it was the same.

Before the critics arrive, I know that this was hardly a scientific experiment, but lets be fair it was more clinical that Microsoft's Mojave experiment!


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