iMac G3 upgrade help?

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Hey all. I'm a lifelong PC user. I've just bought my first mac dirt cheap.

It's an iMac G3 indigo 400mhz PowerPC with 256mb pc133-333 and a 10gb hard drive. It's running OS X 10.3.9 Panther. I'd like to upgrade it as far as I can and maybe put Tiger on. If not Panther is just fine.

I want to put 1gb of ram in, put in a 120gb hard drive and a slot loading dvd drive/burner if that's possible. What I'd like is basically a list of what I should do when upgrading this machine. What to do and what not to do and what types of ram to avoid, because I've heard of all the ram compatability issues with these G3s.

Thanks in advance


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    I'm not sure that machine will be able to "see" more than 512MB of RAM. Otherwise, I never had compatibility issues even buying the cheapest RAM I could find for those machines.

    There were (still are??) CPU upgrades available, I believe you could even get a G4 into it. For the $$ though, you'd be better off just getting a newer (but still used) Mac than to upgrade the CPU.

    The HDD is an easy upgrade... but why stop at 120GB???

    The slot-load burner is also easy... i believe "MKE"? used to sell one ?

    Also make sure you have the latest firmware updates for the machine BEFORE doing any of the upgrades (other than RAM.)
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