iPod nano sorting problem

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Can someone please help me with this, before I go crazy? I've already struggled for several hours with no success...

I'm trying to sync 3 Pimsleur German language course albums to my iPod (in 'AUDIOBOOKS'). The first album is called 'German 1', the second 'German 2' and the third 'German 3'. Each of the 30 units on each album is named 01 to 30. I've tried all the sorting options I can think of in iTunes but whenever I sync my Nano, instead of three albums, each containing 30 units, I get all 90 units loaded separately. I get unit 1 for German 1, unit 1 for German 2, unit 1 for German 3, etc etc. What am I doing wrong?


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    I use Playlists to control my album order and to remove items that I have already listened to.

    This is what I would do:

    1) In "Get Info" I would assign German 1 as Disk 1, German 2 as Disk 2 and German 3 as Disk 3. I would also enter the Track number 1 through 30.

    2) Next I would create a Smart List with Album Containing German and Playcount of 0.

    3) I would sort the playlist by album.

    4) Finally, I would sync the playlist to the nano and playback the audiobook from the playlist.
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