Problem with applications display in App Store

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Since Friday, when I click on "All applications" on the App Store, with the display set on "release date", I only see apps until Sept. 15.

I can see all applications by choosing by category, but no new applications since September 26 (just a little few for September 27). Nothing since.

Anyone else?

Update: Sunday afternoon, the links "All (iPhone, iPod, free) applications" have disappeared from the main page of App Store !!


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    This has reduced the usefulness of the app store for me significantly. By looking at all iPhone apps and sorting by date released I could quickly peruse the new offerings and make decisions. I really liked having the updates to previously released apps included since I would look at some that initially looked interesting, but lacked some features that I wanted. When I saw the update, I could check to see if it was useful enough to me to buy. If apple, indeed, ceases to include updates in the new releases list (assuming that it will do so) I will not have the opportunity to reevaluate them. It is not worth my time to try to keep a list of which apps might be useful in the future and then search for them to see if they had improved enough.

    I read the apple insider article explaining the changes, but the unintended consequences are sufficiently odious that I hope that apple will reconsider this change.

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