This is what the Apple TV needs

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Take a look at this link:

What do you think? Wouldn´t this be a great idea for the next versions of Apple TV´s? With some enhancements and tweaks from Apple´s side, it would also become a great (remote)-mouse for Safari browsing and for the full blown Mac OS that would live inside the Apple Tv´s

iPhones would of course have this abillity build in

Think different


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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,354member
    I'd rather have the remote contain the actual video. That way I could make adjustments and settings without having the main screen on at all.
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    This could be done with an iPhone Application and an Apple TV firmware update. The iPhone could even show what's on the screen so it could be done in another room or with the TV screen off (if playing audio only etc).
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