VisualHub has Been Euthanized

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    Sad news. It's just a front end to ffmpeg though so it doesn't really need to be updated that much but it certainly is a much better front-end than ffmpegX. It just seems to do what you expect and the batch encoding is great. If future developments of ffmpeg include say OpenCL-based encoding, it might be possible to adjust the extra ffmpeg flags and replace the ffmpeg binary in the techspansion folder assuming the ffmpeg binaries aren't custom built to check for the license - I imagine the visualhub binary would do that part.

    There will probably be other developers making ffmpeg front-ends. I'm pretty sure you can even make one using Applescript alone. Cocoa makes it really easy to develop an interface. Given an ffmpeg binary, something like visualhub could probably be built in a few days. You just have to map command line flags and input/output paths to interface elements and execute the binary.
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    I hope he releases the source code to the open source community instead of abandoning customers who paid for it.
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    Fortunately, another open source project is ready to take up the slack. And I must say, I'm probably more excited about this development than I ever was about VH.

    In the latest Handbrake snapshot build there is now universal encoding support using the libavcodec from FFmpeg. This is the same backend that VH used. This should provide faster, higher quality encoding than VisualHub since they're continually updating to newer codecs (the new x264 codec they are using gives me anywhere from 8-14fps faster encoding speeds than VH would give me for the same quality).

    It's unfortunate that VH went under, but it looks like the fine team over at Handbrake are ready to pick up the slack

    If you're weary of using beta software, the universal input (read: re-encode files, not just DVDs), should be included in the official 0.9.3 release!

    I was really disappointed when I heard this about VH since I use it all the time and it had been a while since it was updated, but good news was right behind it!
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    That is welcome news. I had almost given up hope that Handbrake would be updated after 9 months of silence.
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    Originally Posted by houseley View Post

    That is welcome news. I had almost given up hope that Handbrake would be updated after 9 months of silence.

    They've had numerous updates, but they've all been trunk builds. It has been a long time since the last official release P:

    Lots of work being done though!
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