Merge wmv files?

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Anyone know of a stable program to let me edit wmv together? I use quicktime pro for the quicktime files but need a similar solution for the windows media files. thanks


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,218moderator
    I usually convert them to divx avi and use D-vision to merge them. If they are WMV 8 or earlier, I used visualhub to convert to avi, if they are WMV 9, you need to buy the pro version of Flip4Mac - the basic version leaves a watermark and you can export using the divx plugin.
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    Thank you for the info, I will take a look at those solutions.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,218moderator
    There are methods to do this if you have say VMWare/Parallels or possibly Crossover will work. There is a free asftool program that joins WMV files:

    You need the WMV encoder from Microsoft though, which requires a genuine Windows authentication so it's harder to get if you just have Crossover.
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