Defragmenting OS X?

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Hi all,

Is it safe to use Speed Disk (part of SystemWorks) booted from an OS 9.2 CD to defragment the hard drive on my new iBook 700? The SystemWorks CD comes with Mac OS 9.1 so I will have to make a 9.2 boot CD and run it from that but with the software itself cause corruption? :confused:

Thanks a lot!


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    which OS do you have ?

    If you have 9.2 you don't have to burn a cd with 9.2 on it. for what would that be ? boot your mac from the system works cd (press "c" on startup)

    If you have 10.1 get yourself <a href=""; target="_blank">Drive 10.1</a>.


    (BTW. more info would be nice)
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    Well, SpeedDisk requires you to boot from a CD to defragement the drive because it has to unmount the startup disk. I was just wondering if it (being a Classic app) would cause corruption in the OS X partition.
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    heard Drive 10.1.1 doesn't yet play well with os X 10.2 (also know as Shaguar or jaguar)...waiting for drive 10.1.2 or whatever comes next that does work with 10.2...i have drive 10 and it really does very little at this point...was looking forward to drive 10.1, but found out i have to pay for it....oh well, i'm paying for jaguar, will soon pay for .mac and now drive update too....might have to quit my cigarettes and hookers habit to pay for all this....g
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    [quote]Originally posted by StateWolf:

    <strong>I was just wondering if it (being a Classic app) would cause corruption in the OS X partition.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    ? :confused: more specific please
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    [quote]Originally posted by Defiant:


    ? :confused: more specific please</strong><hr></blockquote>

    What I wanted to know is: do classic apps and OS X apps deal with drive access the same way? I am guessing they do. Its like on PeeCees, when Windows 95 came out, if you used a defragmenter in DOS it would screw up Win '95. I just wanted to know if using a defragmenter in Classic would do the same to OS X but I will try it and see what happens.
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    Note that you don't really need to defrag under OS X. There have been a number of threads about it already... basically disk fragmentation on a Mac (and especially under X) is nowhere comparable to the scrambled eggs you get under Windows.
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    badtzbadtz Posts: 949member
    ........but over the long haul, it will get somewhat fragmented...........

    ........ if you're the super picky [like myself] you always want your sys. in tip-top shape
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