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in preferances in the advanced tab is a box saying"keep itunes music folder organised"what does this actually do as i am a bit afraid to try it as there is no undo feature and if it mucks up my itunes library it would take forever to manually return it to what it please any one tried it and what does it do?


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    This option organizes the physical file structure of your music on your hard drive. The way your library appears within iTunes will remain unchanged, but the actual audio files will be moved on your hard drive.

    iTunes organizes the music in the (in my opinion) most logical way. If you're on a Mac, files are stored in the following scheme

    User/Music/iTunes Music/<Artist>/<Album>/<Song Number> <Track Title>.<file extension>

    If on Windows, it is (I believe):

    My Documents/My Music/iTunes Music/<Artist>/<Album>/<Song Number> <Track Title>.<file extension>

    There are a few exceptions to this scheme, being that any albums labeled as compilations go into a Compilation folder in the root of the iTunes Music folder, and video files go into Movies or Music Videos I do believe.

    So, in summary, your library inside iTunes will stay exactly the same, but iTunes will collect, rename, and organize all the music files if you would like it to (some like to keep their files in other structures/naming schemes, and if you're one of those people, don't check the option).
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    thanks for your help i think i will give it a
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