Could the new aluminum MacBooks and the MacBook Touch be one thing?

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could they look like the 1st gen iPhone? just a guess.


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    I presume you mean could they be the same one device, and not two separate products? Not a chance. If Apple are going to try to launch into the tablet market, and get people on board, they are going to distinguish it from the notebook market "completely", i.e. they will continue to sell notebook computers. This device will launch as more of an niche product, with a higher than usual price tag. It will be highly desirable but almost unattainable. Though the price tag will come down over time.

    And please stop referring to the Mac touch as the MacBook touch.

    Aside from that is the timing issue. This Mac touch, done right, won't be out until August 2009 (complete touch OS and all that). The new MacBooks should be out far sooner.
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    I always love to see how fast Ireland responds to these kinds of things.

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    irelandireland Posts: 17,547member
    Originally Posted by Fishyesque View Post

    I always love to see how fast Ireland responds to these kinds of things.

    Why thank you!

    Now excuse me while I go back to watching to Mr. Cain tell more lies.
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    Of course that depends on what your idea of a Touch based Mac is. Frankly my idea is of a smaller device that meets the needs of several potential groups. We are talking a device here that is maybe twice the size of Touch and even that may be a little big.

    Interestingly the smaller devices might be more conducive to alternative construction methods. Obviously I have no idea what the Touch based tablet will look like but I can imagine a number of potential construction methods. One of these ideas revolve around an extruded housing with an OLED display laminated to the front. Of course picking up button presses on a touch scren through Aluminum would be a trick. Here I'm going to offer up that they will have the electrical pick ups for touch embedded in the cover glass.

    Done right they ought to be able to produce a nice tablet in a device not much thicker than the current iPhone. I know lots of people on the board here want to see a very large tablet, I'm going on record as saying if that is the way Apple goes it won't sell. The big demand is for all the portability of the current Touch based devices in a larger device that remains comfortably portable. Professionals would lap up such devices.

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