Purchasing Items on international Apple websites

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I have been trying to purchase an iPod Touch on the Australian Apple website.

The process requires the purchaser to have only an Australian billing address.

This is insane, as I am trying to get this item as a gift to my brother in Australia. I do not know anyone else there who can buy it for me, so that I could transfer the money to that person for this purchase. Moreover, I do not want to buy the product here (in USA) and ship it out to Australia, for what may cost me almost half of the cost of the actual item itself.

However, in a general perspective this process does not make any sense to me, as I have made several purchases online and internationally that let me use my US-credit card.

I called up the Apple customer service, and they put me on hold for several minutes telling me that they are trying to get some supervisors on line. But the calls got disconnected after sometime. When I was able to get to talk to a CSR, she was saying its the company's policy.

This does not only pose a problem but also gives me a piece of thought on Apple's responsibility (read attitude) to its customers in such a situation as this.

Please let me know if anyone else has experienced a similar situation and if anyone can suggest me something about this.
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