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So I still don't have OSX. Sue me.

But I'm going to soon! Finally! I do believe that pretty soon I'll be picking up an iBook (or at least, a new Mac or some sort). Now heres the thing, I really have no idea how much RAM to get it with.

As I hear it, X is great, but is kinda slow and eats RAM like crazy. So the question is, how much RAM is just barely enough, how much is addequete, and what's overkill?

To give you a better idea of what that may be, heres the deal. On my OS 8.6 Ive got 192M, which is PLENTY. It's enough to run pretty much every common App on my system at once (Finder, Photoshop 6, IM, Internet, Limewire, etc). And at least one more advanced game (Unreal Tourney) really well with maybe IE open as well. With this setup, since Im not rendering HUGE things in PS, I almost never get any lag at all. Perfect.

So whats it gonna take in X? Im pretty much looking for enough RAM to run X, PS7, IE, AIM, Limewire, FTP etc at once SMOOTHLY. And then enough to run one game at a time.

Seeing as how comps are coming with 128 built-in, is 384 enough to get things done nice? Or will I have to bump up to 512-600ish?

I hope thats clear. I dont want top of the line, just something nice that'll last a while.


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    The first thing to do is read this article:

    <a href="http://arstechnica.com/reviews/01q4/macosx-10.1/macosx-10.1-6.html"; target="_blank">http://arstechnica.com/reviews/01q4/macosx-10.1/macosx-10.1-6.html</a>;

    It explains how OSX handles memory compared to OS 9.

    Generally though, an iMac flatpanel I've used was unpleasant with 128mb, fine with 256mb. It doesn't hurt to have something like 512mb if you can afford it, and since RAM is cheap nowadays...

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    cubedudecubedude Posts: 1,556member
    I'd pay the $100 for a 512mb stick. That should be plenty for PS7. I've got 384mb on my comp, though I don't have Photoshop, some of my friends do.
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    I have a 14" iBook with 384 megs ram and I use all those programs like Photosho6, QuarkXpress and some other stuff. Works good with what I have. Also with that 384 megs ram I always have 6 to 8 programs running at all times with no slow downs.

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    Definitely take the pain and get 512, you wont regret it. If thats out of the question then 384 total will be fine (running multiple apps may get sluggish) My powerbook gained 50% in speed when I went from 128 to 512 MB
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    xaqtlyxaqtly Posts: 450member
    I agree, 10.2 will run with 256 MB well enough. if you use Photoshop or so anything else that requires lots of memory, get more. And I said this in another thread and I'm saying it again here: do NOT buy memory from Apple. Get your Mac with the memory it comes with standard, and buy extra RAM for it somewhere else like <a href="http://www.memoryx.net/"; target="_blank">Memory X</a> or <a href="http://www.ramjet.com"; target="_blank">Ramjet</a>. Memory X is selling a 512 MB chip for the flat panel iMac for $96 right now.
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    Nice. Thanks guys.

    So them, Im likely getting a 12" iBook. That coms with 128M. Is that 2 64 chips in 2 availiable slots? Or just a 128 and an extra slot? I HATE having to lose RAM to be able to get more =\\.
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    [quote]Originally posted by digitalandres:

    <strong>Nice. Thanks guys.

    So them, Im likely getting a 12" iBook. That coms with 128M. Is that 2 64 chips in 2 availiable slots? Or just a 128 and an extra slot? I HATE having to lose RAM to be able to get more =\\.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    It's probably 128 right on the mother board. When I purchased mine it has 128 on the motherboard than 128 in the slot, so I basicly have a 128 pc133 ram sitting around if you want it i will give it to you for 30$.
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    hornethornet Posts: 76member
    256MB will run OSX (just very slow). 512MB is good, but it can still have ram-lag pauses when changing between programs when you have a lot open. &gt;512MB is the go

    I have 512MB, and its ok. A lot better than 256 was, and 256 was a LOT better than 128! (G4/466). I use it for casual usage and a bit of graphics/video stuff

    I'm going for 1GB for my next machine
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    BrianMacOS: I may take you up on that .

    So then, its got 128 on the board, and 2 empty slots?
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    [quote]Originally posted by digitalandres:

    <strong>BrianMacOS: I may take you up on that .

    So then, its got 128 on the board, and 2 empty slots?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    No you have one empty slot. I wish it had two

    Just let me know you can get my email address on my site or just private message me on here. 256 should be good in your ibook 700mhz 12".
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    xaqtlyxaqtly Posts: 450member
    If your iBook only comes with 128, get a 256 MB chip at the very least. Go to those links I posted. Ramjet sez $79 for a 256 MB chip and $199 for a 512 MB chip.
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    kukukuku Posts: 254member
    To some people, everything recomended is too low, to others it's more then enough.

    If you're asking how much you need, you probably don't need a lot, because you're haven't done anything that will make you aware of thinking about more ram.

    Having lots of ram for graphic users has been a given for as long as I can remember. Telling them is like telling them they need water.


    with that, 256, is more the enough for most people doing light work.

    I open crazy amount of programs and a lot of multi-tasking, so yea, I'll need lots of ram or it'll slow down.

    IF you want to blow your fancy smoke and get as much of anything as you can, it's all fine and dandy, but as always, it's, 'what you have vs. what you want'

    Ram requirements haven't changed with 10.2, except maybe the new functions of many programs(mail) might spike that need a tad bit.

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    woozlewoozle Posts: 64member
    My wifes iBook was bit of a pig with 128, particularly scanning anything. Running more than one app made changing appps pretty tiresome.

    Its much happier with 384 now.

    She doesnt run a lot of apps at the same time, something like fire, mail, appleworks, IE/Mozilla.

    Id be a bit wary of only having 256 for photoshop.

    384 is probably enough, but you might want to look at 640.
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    columbuscolumbus Posts: 281member
    I know this doesn't really answer your question, but if you are switching to X and currently use limewire, why not try Aquisition 0.6.2.

    It's a Gnutella file exchange client with a Cocoa front end. You can download it here:

    <a href="http://www.xlife.org/aquisition_download.php"; target="_blank">http://www.xlife.org/aquisition_download.php</a>;

    It isn't at version 1 yet but I have always found it to be fairly stable.

    Sorry it's off - topic! <img src="graemlins/embarrassed.gif" border="0" alt="[Embarrassed]" />

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