Selling Current Macbook Pro. Pricing?

in General Discussion edited January 2014
I figured I would go on the forums for this question. I've been in the process of selling my MBP (Purchased March 08', newest model), but obviously they are releasing new MBP's on Tuesday. This is more of an ethical question, so honestly respond.

How much should I charge for the laptop? It's literally like-new. Flawless and adult owned. I just don't know how much to sell it for because of the updates on Tues. I already have a buyer, and I told him $1550. It's the 2.4, 200hd version, but the ram was upgraded to 4gb. It comes w/ mighty mouse, case, and (for whatever reason) Command and Conquer 3.

Is $1550 too much? How much should I sell it for? I'll take any suggestions and thank you for reading.
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