SystemUIserver- What is it?

in macOS edited January 2014
SystemUIserver in Jaguar is using 40% of the CPU on my 600 iBook, making it very slow, in fact nearly unusable.

On my TiBook, it's at about .05%. If this is indeed the User Interface server, does this mean that the lack of QE acceleration on the iBook dooms my effort to upgrade? Should I just stick with 10.1.5 on the iBook?



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    SystemUIServer handles a number of "extras" in the system. All of the .menu apps are handled through it. I believe the on-screen volume, brightness, and eject controllers are also partially controlled by it.

    Are you using any 3rd-party, non-Apple .menu items? If so, that could be causing the CPU spike. That's one of the several main reasons that Apple does NOT want people using 3rd party .menu items -- that they can potentially bring down the whole system.

    If you're not using any 3rd-party .menu items, try a logout and login again to see if it clears up.
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