Illustrator: text color problem... need help soon

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I'm not that proficient at Illustrator and usually just use it to create rather simple images compared to what some of the guys here manage to do with Photoshop.

Working on a project this morning in Illustrator I was playing around with text ideas, changing size, angle, font, color, everything.

Suddenly, every time I change text color, it adds the color around the text, leaving the text black, so I can't, for example, make THIS. It would be slightly bolder with the characters themselves black with a green outline.

Even created a new document and the problem persists.

Did I change a setting or something?

What can I do?

The project I am working on today needs to be finished Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.


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    Sorry. I got it. I was using swatches and didn't realize that the color setting for line and fill applied to text; must have hit it somewhere along the way. Guess I'm very old school (used to putting different colors on top of each other).
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    Glad we could be of help.
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