New Laptops offer Optional 3G Service

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Granted I already modified my MacBook Pro 17" to include GPS and HSDPA 3G modem inside (lots of hacking)

However the new MacBook Pro has optional data chipset for 3G on the go.

I got to play with a confirmed prototype this morning that is similar, and FYI the trackpad "clicks" it's like the back part if it when pressed right goes down a millimeter and clicks. so the whole thing is a giant button, and not at all Annoying like you would imagine, it's not just a switch to touch only. So everyone will be happy, it "clicks" like how the might mouse has no buttons but clicks!


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    how do you know there is 3g in the new MBP'S?
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    Because I've played with one of the prototypes this morning that didn't make the cut, and discussed it with some of the engineering team. That's how.

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    how do you know there is 3g in the new MBP'S?

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    do you pay for your 3g monthly in you MBP?
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