Should I buy the $1600 macbook or wait 4 Nehalem?? Plz advise..

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Can somebody who has a good knowledge of processors and what not tell me if I should wait till Nehalem comes to the macbook, guessing it will come late spring or beginning of summer or should I just go ahead and buy it. I'm a bio major and don't don't understand much about technical processor stuff and the advantages. Please let me know whats the difference between the two processors and how much more performance am I looking at.

Thanks guys for helping out..


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    If you need one now buy one now, if you can wait.... then wait. THis is a pretty good update but with computers, if you wait, there is always going to be something better. You don't need to know much about computers to know that.
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    Nehalem is definetely worth the wait. It will also aid in future upgrades in your system. Are we talking about macbook or IMac? NVM, you wont upgrade anyway wait for the Nehalem cpu and chipset. If your really interested in the future of hardware, I would recommend Those guys and gals really know there stuff when it comes to the future of hardware. And they also have an Apple section in the forums.
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